About Arctic Appetites

Discover Arctic Appetites – Your gateway to Norwegian local food and beverages. Experience the culinary treasures of our country, as we believe the interest in Norwegian cuisine and beverages knows no boundaries.

We are passionate about promoting the unique flavors and culinary traditions that Norway has to offer. With its pristine landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and commitment to sustainable practices, Norway produces some of the finest local food and beverages in the world. Our mission is to introduce these exceptional products to the European market, providing a taste of Norway's natural wonders to discerning palates across the EU.

Join us in sharing the exceptional delights of Norway with the world.

Our principles

At Arctic Appetites, we believe in delivering the highest quality Norwegian local food and drink to our customers. Our products have been recognized with numerous awards, showcasing our commitment to excellence.

Empowering Small Producers

Exploring New Frontiers

Quality Above All

We are passionate about promoting and exporting Norwegian local food and drink to various countries within the EU. Our burning desire to introduce the world to the unique flavors of Norway drives us to seek new opportunities and expand our reach.

At Arctic Appetites, we believe that even smaller producers can succeed in taking their products across borders. We aim to provide a platform for these producers to showcase their offerings and achieve better profitability, ultimately strengthening the Norwegian food and drink industry.